Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It's week TWO of the Never Ever Ever link up and I think I have quite a few never ever ever's for y'all!

I will never EVER...EVERRRR:
  • Cheer against the San Antonio Spurs! (How about that win tonight?!)
  • Say no to taking a trip to Texas 
  • not choke up as I board the plane to leave Corpus Christi
  • say I love doing the dishes... I don't lol...
  • Get tired of how green and colorful Minnesota is this time of year...simply beautiful!
  • Say I miss the humidity of Texas! (Uh hello? Who likes to be shiny/oily and have frizzy hair as soon as they step out of their door?)
  • Put up with negativity, life is way too short for that!  
  • NOT tear up when I hear Carrie Underwood sing "Temporary Home" and "See You Again"
  • Get tired of holding my baby niece
  • Say I'm perfect, I know I'm not but God loves me anyway and I'm trying my best :)

That's it for tonight but I will be following up with my weekend in Texas...stay tuned!


Monday, June 3, 2013

My First "LinkUp"! #NeverEverEver

I'm so excited to do my first blog linkup!

Thanks to my good friend, fellow blogger Stephanie at The Vintage Modern Wife, I decided to hop on the wagon and start joining in on the fun!

This will be the first Tuesday of the Never Ever Ever link up---It's going to be funny and easy for you to join us too!

So what is Never Ever Ever going to be about?

Here's a quote from Stephanie's blog introducing the linkup: 

It’s sarcastic, it fun, and it’s a great way to get to know each other better. All you have to do is write about things you will never ever ever say or do. For example: “I never ever ever ___________” Get it? Got it? Good!

So to get this party started...

Things You Will Never Ever Ever See Me Do:

  • Skydive
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Ride a Roller Coaster ----You get the jiff lol...I have a fear of heights!
  • Eat a tomato! 
  • Put lettuce willingly in my sandwich, taco, burger (love salads though! haha)
  • Go out without make up on...Even if it's just eyeliner...My eyes need that magic pencil!
  • Put the furbabies up for adoption
  • Choose a party for some God time...I need my praise and worship.
  • Wake up with the covers still on...I don't know what kind of dance moves I do in my sleep but they are all over the place when I wake up :)
  • Take a tequila shot, I learned my lesson my freshman year of college 
  • Take 8 Jager shots in less than 30 minutes, I think we ALL learned that lesson that night lol I've got the pictures to prove it.
  • Wearing No Jewelry...even just studs...I've got to have my accessories
  • Win at the quiet game ha.

Can't wait to see what y'all posted this week! In the meantime, I will have to tell Jesse to save his thoughts for next time lol.  He kept wanting to add to my list :)

HAPPY TUESDAY! Hope y'all have a blessed day!