Friday, May 10, 2013

Date Night :)

I have been counting down to Friday for two weeks now! With such a busy schedule from going home to Texas and the end of the month/beginning of the month craziness, today was my first normal day off! 

This morning started out great because I woke up on my own but it was still early, around 8:30am so I suited up the dogs and we went for a walk down the Regional Trail a few blocks from our home. *Something I love about where we live: the neighborhood is SO family friendly, it's like a Hallmark movie and the trail is so clean and convenient to just take a stroll through the middle of Hopkins, it's pet friendly as there are trash cans along the way and there are always friendly strangers running...walking...biking...and dog walking---every one waving and saying hello! 

I could never get Baxter in the pic but here's Benson:

After our walk, we came home and just relaxed until I decided to start getting dressed for my date day/night with Jesse. I went online and ordered our tickets for Iron Man 3...which by the way, if you are in the Twin Cities... I highly recommend watching a popular movie at the Showplace Icon Theatre at The West End Shops of St. Louis Park. They have a great rewards program, a free app that you can buy your tickets at with no fee...and the big plus... Are you ready? You can RESERVE your seats! Lucky for us, we wanted to watch a 3:50pm showing so we had the whole theatre to choose from! 

After our movie, we did a bit of shopping at the Shops, or if you are familiar with the area... I did some shopping :) I just love Anthropolgie and I visited my old stomping ground at Charming Charlie.  We, also, did some looking at the Southdale Center mall---where I just learned this week that this is the first enclosed mall in the United States! How crazy is that?

We went to dinner after and I got to rub in Jesse's face that the San Antonio Spurs were winning and ended our night with a nice stroll outside with our pups. 

It was a great day and as we explore our new home on every adventure I can't wait to see what we do next and what we find. 

How was your Friday? Any exciting plans for the weekend?

Hope you have a blessed night!


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